Stitching: A. Lincoln


All my life I’ve loved handwriting.  As a child I practiced mine constantly and have always loved studying penmanship and lettering styles.  Combine this with a tremendous regard for Abraham Lincoln and I suppose it’s no surprise that I would love his signature.  Some time ago I decided to enlarge it and see how it would look embroidered.  I began this months ago but finished it up on the 4th of July and am so happy with the results!


I’ve never stitched something like this before, all in a satin stitch.  I love the raised effect of the stitching.


The piece is approximately 10 inches long and 3 inches tall.  I think it will become part of a pillow…

What have you finished lately?


  • Wow this is stunning work! Looks so refined and… well, realistic! I understand your admiration: I actually picked up a book on interpreting handwriting (e.g. what it says about you as a person) a while back from an antique store of all places 😉 Now if only I could find it!

  • I love your handwriting. You really have refined the craft.

  • That looks *perfect* you did a beautiful job. I love hand writing too, I practiced a lot as a child, and still love to write letters as often as possible.

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