Cut Lavender

Last week I cut my lavender.  It was a beautiful morning and the solitary activity in the stillness of early hours was therapeutic.

Observing the variation in color, the itty bitty flowers, how the scent varies slightly from plant to plant was good for my soul.  How grateful I feel for this slowing down that July has brought to us.

The bundles are now hanging to dry in my studio.  I bundle the lavender with rubber bands.  As the lavender dries the stalks will shrink so rubber bands are perfect for holding it together.  A turquoise ribbon over the rubber band to hang and I was done.

It feels good.  My first lavender harvest in years.  I look forward to the increased yield that time will bring when my young plants produce more.  For now, the faint scent greets me when I walk in the room and the beauty of it hanging in front of my mirror makes me smile.

{Happy sigh.}


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