Banner Quilt

Remember this pillow ?  Well, shortly after making it I started a quilt to match.  I got it quilted and then it sat while we lived through soccer season and a million other things.

I finished it yesterday.  (Two quilts finished in two days!  I don’t think I’ve ever done that before.)

The quilt top is Kona Ash, quilted in straight lines about 3/4 inch apart.  The flags are sewn on top leaving in a soft edge applique style which will be fun once it’s washed.

I used one of my favorite Pillow & Maxfield prints from their Whimsy line for the back.  Love.

I used a solid aqua for the binding.  It frames both front and back nicely.

I’m getting pretty good at the machine binding.  I’ve definitely found what works for me.

I like how it looks with my happy yellow chevron crib skirt .

It looks pretty good blowing in the breeze as well.

Hooray for another project finished!


  • erika

    I LOVE this! I’m looking for a project for my 12 flannel “backdrops” that I’ve done or my baby’s monthly pictures. I’m thinking 12 “flags”! Can I ask if you have a middle layer? Also do you think it’d work/look ok to sew down the flags also…not applique them on, but sew right over the top?

    Thanks so much!!!


  • jennifer

    I’m sure you could do this! For my quilt, I basted the gray solid fabric, batting and backing together and quilted it. After quilting I went back and added the rick rack and the banners. There is nothing else in the banners, just the fabric you see. I’m sure you could sew the flags down and have them look great. I also made a pillow and on that I cut two of each flag, sewed right sides together and turned them right side out with nothing else in them, then sewed them on with the rick rack and they have held up well. The pillow is here: I hope that helps! Let me know if you have other questions, and good luck! Jennifer

  • erika

    Can I ask you how many yards of each you used? I love the size.


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