A Year of Habits, no. 43

Yesterday I had an experience that reminded me of the importance of doing what needs to be done.  It was a simple thing but it made an impression on me.  The weather really cooled off here this past week, and although I knew I needed to just get outside and plant my bulbs, I wimped out.  For some reason the change in temperature really seemed to affect me, and I couldn’t warm up, which killed my desire to do any yard work.  At last it was Saturday and I was without excuse.  The frost took my gorgeous dahlias from heavy with bloom to black and limp overnight.  So in spite of my desire to do other things, I went out yesterday in the chilly gray and got started.  After I’d been working for a while, the sun came out.  I noticed the warmth on my back first, followed by golden sunlight shining across the yard.  As I worked, I couldn’t help but think about life.  Sometimes we start things, because they need to be done, under circumstances that feel gray and cloudy.  And sometimes we start things and the clouds get worse.  Sometimes the ground we’re working is hard and other times the soil is soft and easy to work.  But sometimes, when we’re working hard because it’s the right thing to do, the sun comes out from behind the clouds to warm us and light the way ahead.

I felt grateful for the reminder.  If we keep at things, eventually the sun will shine.

It was a good week, a busy week.  Our last soccer game has been played.  Thousands of sunflower seeds have been soaked, dried and roasted (which also means my kitchen counters are, at last, clear again).  Halloween costumes have been worn and changed over and over again.  My family room has been vacuumed more times than I wish to count.  Considering how much laundry I did this week, I’m amazed at how much more there is to do.    Piano recital songs have been memorized and practiced, errands run, projects finished.  I’m behind on many things, ahead on a few things.

And suddenly I’m also dozing off as I type.  Tomorrow is a busy day (Halloween is for all moms) so I’m going to get some sleep and re-read this in the morning to see what else I need to add or fix.  {Sorry.  I’m really tired!}

Have a great week!

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