The kindergarten Halloween party is over, and two of the children are playing upstairs while my three year old naps on the couch.  The party must have worn her out.  I listen to her quiet breathing, combined with the muffled sounds of the other two talking and marvel at these moments of quiet that occasionally drop into my life.

The sun is shining and I’m about to head outside for the last of my weeding and bulb planting before the temperatures plummet tomorrow.  This gorgeous day is supposed to hold through tonight, which will mean plenty of happy children come dark.  We’ve got kids scheming to meet up with friends to trick-or-treat and little ones still vacillating between this or that costume.

Before the day is over, I thought I’d share a few pictures of the Halloween decorating I managed to do this year.  It was minimal, but fun.

This year I put a bird cage on a mirrored tray and used that as my starting point.  I was in the mood for simple black and white, so I made a few black and white velvet pumpkins and put my favorite vintage crowns on them.  Yes, I still like crowns on pumpkins.  Most of them sit in a footed silver bowl.

A little vintage bust fit nicely inside the cage as well, along with some beaded leaves and a small collection of black and white seashells for pattern and scale.

I added my favorite velvet crow to the outside of the cage for fun.  I like having him perched up there.

On the back side of the cage I used my gold glittered “Boo” letters and added a wire spider hanging from the top.

While I like to challenge myself and use things differently each year,  I do love to hang my beaded spider web across the picture frames every year.  It looks great there and the children love it.

Lastly, I hung a vintage black scarf across my favorite mirror in the living room.  In a mostly white room, I like the dramatic effect of the black hanging there.  If I’d done this all sooner and had more time, I would have really gone for it with a black and white theme in this room.  Maybe next year.

And there you have it.  I used some of my traditional orange things in the kitchen as well.  Tomorrow it will be time to take it down and prepare for Thanksgiving, one of my favorite holidays.  For now, I’m going to take my little one (now the only child not asleep) out with me to pull a few more weeds in what may be the last sunshine we have this week.

I hope your Halloween is a lot of fun!


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