Velvet Pumpkins!

Early in the week I posted this giveaway which also included a link to a second giveaway I’m offering over at Sisterview for some velvet pumpkins I made.  Well, it doesn’t stop there.  You see, it seems that in some things I’m great at moderation and in others I’m not.  This would be one when I’m not.  I’ve spent the week with a pot simmering on the stove with various colors of fabric dye and velvet in it.

Did I have time for it?  No.  Should I have been doing other things instead?  Yes.  did I get some interesting looks from my almost 13 year old daughter?  Yup.  But was it fun?  Absolutely!  And I learned some new things.  A week ago I’d never tried to dye fabric, and now I’ve done it at least a dozen times.  It’s healthy to try new things, and I’m finally using my stash of pumpkin stems as well!

I think they’re beautiful:  deep navy blues, teal, aqua, burgundy, plum, lavender and a gorgeous dark gray.  No orange in this batch!  Seeing them sitting there together brings a smile to my face and I’m enjoying the unexpected colors as much as I like the traditional ones.

Once again, I’d like to share some.  I’m going to send a lucky someone a set of four velvet pumpkins in various colors and sizes.

The giveaway will close at midnight Tuesday November 15th
and I’ll announce the winner on Wednesday.  I know that’s getting close to Thanksgiving, but I hope you can still enjoy them or at least enjoy packing them away until next Halloween!

Here’s how to enter:

Leave me a comment telling me how you feel about using non-traditional colors in holiday decor/celebrations.  I’m curious to see what you think.

I typically stick with traditional colors, although the hue changes as color tones come and go.  I also find as the years go by that I yearn for more white in all of my holiday decorating.  I’ve also let some aqua creep into my Christmas decor in the last few years.  But every once in a while there is something I want in every possible color, and these velvet pumpkins would certainly be it.  Somehow it’s the variety of colors that draws my eye to notice each one, compare and contrast, and savor the composition they create together.  So while all my Thanksgiving decor is in browns, oranges and other earthy tones, this year I’m loving the little surprise of colorful pumpkins here and there.  (And I have three or four mostly white projects I’d love to tackle if there’s time.)

Good luck!  And don’t forget you have until midnight Friday to enter other giveaways here and here .

Jennifer P.S.  Are you keeping a gratitude list this year?  I am.  And color, velvet, and pumpkins are all on it.  (Along with much more important things, of course.)


  • Kris

    oh I love the gray and teal. and I think that it’s all about breaking away from the traditional colors. It makes it more fun for me and doesn’t keep you boxed in.

  • Christa

    In the past I have completely stuck to traditional holiday colors. But I really like the idea of using a traditional item with a nontraditional color. It’s a great idea and could really spice things up a bit. I may have to try it.

  • I LOVE the teal and gray ones. Oh, so cute. I like having some variety and I think adding some different colors makes things more fun.

  • Brent

    I like traditional colors but throwing in a few others is a nice refresher.

  • Christa

    I generally like traditional colors but I am open to the idea of throwing in some untraditional colors with a traditional item. It could be really fun.

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