A Year of Habits, no. 48

Well, the week is over and I suppose there’s not much to say about it after Thursday night’s dump.  If I had to sum up my feelings in one word I’d choose “relief.”   With another child sick today we have just one family member left who apparently has an iron stomach.  At this point I’d say he has a good chance of missing it entirely, which would be nice.  I’d love to be finished with this virus.

The baby shower came and went and I feel so relieved that we pulled it off.  The best part of the entire thing was doing it with my sister, who I got to spend several hours with.  She is so much fun to be around and does a good job of everything.  The shower was for our sister-in-law and it was fun.  Somehow I managed to get some Christmas decorating taken care of on Friday so the house looked festive and clean when people arrived.   The food worked out and even tasted good, and when it was all over I could hardly believe that it went so smoothly.  I feel so grateful.

I also managed to get the bulk food order divided and sorted and almost everyone has come to pick up their order.  It will be nice to be finished with it as well.   All week long I was so worried about getting through the baby shower and distributing this order.   When both responsibilities had been taken care of  my brain was stuck, unable to remember what I should be doing next.  I knew I had a long list of things to be working on for Christmas but I wasn’t processing any of it.   My head has cleared today as the day progressed and I’m back to my usual state of having a to-do list for tomorrow that is much longer than the day will hold.  Cleaning, laundry, and we still have lots of homework to make up. {I’m a little worried about the homework part. Deep breath.}

Tonight as a family we watched a Christmas message that was very uplifting and which helped set the tone in my heart for the coming week.  However it works out, whatever I do or don’t get done, I hope I can keep this feeling with me and really enjoy the Christmas season.  I am so grateful for the Christmas season and want my children to feel both reverence and excitement.  We’ll see how that blends with make-up work.

Life is good.  I am so fortunate.
Have a great week!


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