Master Bedroom Mantel

Restful, calming, inviting.

Adding beautiful greens to my bedroom mantel gives the entire room a new feeling.  I love this view from the top of the stairs.  It makes me look forward to unwinding, finishing the day peacefully.  During the day I love how bright the sunlight is in this room; it makes our gray winters a little more bearable.

Silver bells, layered garlands, white lights with silver covers.  Simple and classic.  Every year I wonder if I’ll be ready to do this mantel differently.  Then I unpack this garland, hang it up and fall in love all over again.

A few pieces of silver on the mantel with my white antler wreath.  I


this wreath.

Creating an atmosphere like this in my bedroom reminds me to slow down, enjoy the season, take care of myself.

Merry Christmas!

Hopeful Homemaker



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