A Year of Habits, no. 50

It’s Sunday night.  The Christmas tree is leaning sideways again, undecorated from the three foot mark down.  I’ve given up putting the ornaments back on the tree; there’s a collection box out for packing them up.  The children are busy  and noisy as ever but they keep us laughing as well.  School is out for the holidays, the snowboards are lined up in the garage, curious children sneaking into the studio where boxes hold Christmas surprises which need to be wrapped but also need a full-time guard to protect them from my youngest.  A quick walk around the house at all the clutter makes me wonder why I’ve been so worried about what will or won’t be under the tree.

My sister and her husband stopped by tonight for a while and we loved talking to them while the children ran in circles around us, yelling and wrestling and even putting together an impromptu 3 minute play which was actually quite hilarious.  Kristen can attest that there’s not a single square inch of workspace in my studio that isn’t covered with something related to the holiday to-do’s that still haunt my list.  How will I wrap them all up and get that room ready for out of town guests in the next few days?  I have no idea.  Yet like everything else I’m sure we’ll get there and it will all work out.  Life’s like that, you know.  It all works out.  Still, I will admit to wishing it could work out like I picture it more often.

I keep thinking I’ll reach this point where most things are crossed off my list and it’s time to relax and enjoy, but instead I’m getting just enough done to get through whatever is ahead for today and that’s all.  It’s helping me realize that I need to relax and enjoy the moments when they briefly settle on me in the midst of stress like a butterfly pausing in its flight.  We had such a moment on Friday night when we took the whole family to see a new musical, The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey, based on the classic children’s Christmas book.  I’m so glad I bought the tickets a few months ago!  We were entertained and our hearts were touched.  I hope that exposing our children to these messages helps reinforce what we’re trying to teach.

I’ll be honest.  I can only think of one habit which I’ve really improved this week.  It would be my response to stress.  I am getting better at handling stress.

Most everything else is a mess of some sort.  I got to be of service today which felt good.  I managed to remember a birthday this week, which is a miracle.  I spent some really special one-on-one time with my seven year old daughter this weekend who is such a gem of a girl.  She makes me smile.  Our oldest four children performed in their piano recital Wednesday night and did a fantastic job.  I love seeing their improvement throughout the year and feel proud of them for working hard.  And on Thursday night when my husband and I were at an Indian restaurant I tasted the most heavenly drink:  a rose water lassi!  A lassi is a yogurt drink and I jumped at the chance to taste rose water for the first time.  I loved it.  I’ve found a recipe and hope to try making them soon.  YUM!

And with that I’ll close for the night.  Oh,what a week I have ahead!  Let’s hope I can be productive (translation:  let’s hope the two year old will be happy playing the the other children and not only in my arms)!

Have a wonderful week!


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