Swoon Quilt Top

Hooray!  The sashing is complete and I have a quilt top!

I’m not going to quilt this one myself.  It’s a little too big for my comfort, and I love it too much.  I’ve taken it to a quilter and chosen a pattern I’m quite excited about.

Finishing this project brings me to a lull of sorts in my sewing.   I have six different projects all tempting me and we’ll see which one rises to the top of the list!



  • So very pretty. your fabric choices are awesome. what are reasonable prices for quilting?
    I so miss being there and wish I could see E at the conference center. we will be watching for her during the broadcast! xo

  • I’m usually drawn to really bright “happy” colors. But those colors are great. They are at once fresh and new and old and sweet. It’s beautiful!

  • Kristen

    It looks wonderful, way to go!

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