Joy, week 16

I had a quiet pause in the car on Friday afternoon while I waited for my children to exit their school.  I thumbed through my 2012 notebook to review my goals for the year and see where I really stand.  It was revealing.

I’ve accomplished some specific things that I set out to do, such as an overnight trip to do some sewing with my sister.  There are a great many specific things I haven’t touched yet.  The goals for implementing certain changes or habits in my life/home are more humbling because it’s difficult to change.  I would like to regroup a little, get back on track.  All I need to do that is some quiet time.  Anybody have some quiet time for sale?

Seriously, I do feel like I need to refocus, but I’m in the sprinting stage.  Life from here to summer will be a blur and I want to do a good job.  I’m going to do my very best and remember that in a few weeks we’ll have a major shift in schedule and I can start over in those areas that are lacking.

The week was a good one.  I’d sum it up in two words:  doctor, soccer.  Tonight we had a little birthday party for a friend of mine and the children enjoyed themselves immensely.  We laughed and shared stories and enjoyed the utterly perfect weather.  A wonderful evening, making me sigh with gratitude for the gift of friendship.  Last night we spent an equally enjoyable evening with some old friends.  I feel so blessed to know these remarkable people.

I have so much more to say, things that have been floating around in my head all day, but I just dozed off for the 3rd time.  We have to get our son to the hospital super early in the morning for his ankle surgery so I think I’d better call it a night.

Have a great week!


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