Vintage Summer string blocks

I found a few minutes over the holiday weekend to make three more blocks for the Vintage Summer string quilt I started.

At this point there’s a piece of every print in the collection in use.  I love the way it looks now that I have four blocks, or a whole square to lay out and I love the exactness of it with the alternating prints and white.  (Not that I’ve sewn it perfectly, for I haven’t.  There’s one seam in there that gave me fits, although I don’t know why!)

I have a feeling this will be a slow project, but a really pretty one!


  • Sue Baldwin

    Hi…I love your blog. Just wondering what brand the kids orange canvas shoes are in your picture, or where to purchase? They are adorable.

  • jennifer

    Sue, thanks for your comment! I love those shoes too. I found them at Gymboree sometime last summer/fall. I was so sad when she grew out of them! I’ve never looked for anything similar, so I have no idea what direction to send you in. Sorry I’m not of more help! Best wishes, Jennifer

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