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Tuesday afternoon I was in Alpine, Utah when the fire started.  I watched it go from an obscure little plume of smoke to raging flames racing up the mountainside.  It’s been interesting to watch the smoke and the glowing orange of the fire from our home since then, and equally interesting to observe which of my children have been constantly on the watch.

I went on a walk this morning, accompanied by my son on his bike.  It was nice to have him with me, nice to enjoy the overcast skies and cool breeze.  We came home and opened all the windows before it began to rain.  Off and on all day long we’ve had the pitter-patter of a perfect rain.  The carpet is a bit damp, the smell of a fresh-washed earth is everywhere, my plants look happier than they’ve been in weeks.  The children have played in it all day long, imaginations taking them to far off places and grand adventures.  The smoke from the fire is nearly gone, evacuations lifted, and my small children have discovered the wonder of being part of a community praying for something and watching God work.  Tonight I took a break from cooking dinner to watch my girls dance in the rain.  Life is wonderful, isn’t it?

I feel like the day sort of ran away from me.  I’ve had this feeling every day since my husband’s knee surgery, like I start off well and almost get there, but something fizzles along the way.  I find myself spending many moments checking on him, sitting with him to see how he’s feeling, offer encouragement as he tries to bend his leg, and generally try to be of service.  We’ve always loved sitting quietly together but in recent years it rarely happens.  I guess we’ve got it back, and even if the days are running away from me I feel blessed to have this pause.  It’s a pause that is underscored by little visits here and there from our children and more snuggling from our youngest than she has been inclined to do for months.  Yes, there is always good that comes of the challenges in our lives.  His post-op appointment was this morning, so we’re moving forward.  We’ll find a new normal here soon!

I renewed my driver’s license today.  Braving the DMV wasn’t as painful as I feared it might be.  I got to sit and read quietly while I waited.

My grandmother is dying.   Part of my heart has been with my Mom and her sisters as they sit with her.

I started a new project yesterday.  As if I needed another unfinished project in my life!  Still, it’s so pretty and I’m excited to finish it.

My boys have plunged headlong into the world of Louis L’Amour.  They’re both disappearing at random moments only to be found hours later in some quiet spot devouring a new book.  My eleven year old started his 5th one for the week tonight.  It makes me laugh and I’m so happy to see them unable to put a book down.

In the quilting world I’ve noticed this quilt along and this one as well .  I’d really like to jump in on both of them, but that’s a LOT of cutting and I’ve already got several quilts going.  Both of the quilts are from the talented Katy of I’m a Ginger Monkey.  She has templates for both quilts in her etsy shop , as well as for her spring carnival pattern.  I’m tempted by them all.

I really want to stitch this embroidery .  It speaks to my heart.  I’ve wanted to stitch this one ever since she designed it.   I’ve been in the mood for embroidery lately.

I tried this recipe for dinner earlier in the week.  We loved it.

I can’t believe it’s July.  So many things I planned to do in June went undone for more urgent issues.  I can’t believe how much of the summer is already gone.  We’ve made great memories, but wow!  I’ve got to get to work!  There’s so much going on in July and early August that I’m afraid I’ll be swallowed up by it and not at all ready when school starts.   These thoughts keep coming at random moments and I have to breathe slowly while I look around so I can ground myself in the moment and be grateful instead of stressed.

Yes, today was a nice slow day.  Who can be stressed when there are puddles to jump in?

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