4th of July recap

My migraine on the 4th of July turned out to be an invitation to my daughters to take over the kitchen and provide a great holiday for the family.

My own disappointment at not being able to celebrate my favorite holiday just how I planned it turned into pride and joy and gratitude as I watched my lovely daughter enlist her sisters and go to work.  It was happy work, work that let them be creative, work that allowed them to serve and brought them feelings of joy and self-worth.  As the day went on I realized it had turned out to be a perfect day.  I got a glimpse of what they’re capable of  and it was just what I needed.

My oldest daughter stayed up late the night before preparing our traditional breakfast for the next morning, and then our nine year old took over lunch, taking individual orders for gourmet sandwiches.  I LOVE that bottle of mustard in her apron pocket!

They dipped marshmallows and ice cream cones in sprinkles and pop rocks so we could enjoy ice cream cones on a hot summer’s day.

The blue pop rocks I purchased turned out to be a lovely aqua color.  I’m going to remember that, and the cones where they mixed the two colors were also very pretty.

All their efforts, combined with a little outing to the skate park and fireworks at night made it a great day.  I was able to enjoy a bit of quiet and the children were able to get along with each other.  What more could we ask for?  I love the fourth!

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