Joy, week 38

Here, we are, another Sunday night, another week gone.  The air is cooler, the sun rises later each morning, and our outdoor evening activities end earlier.  It was a productive week, yielding success in many small projects around the house.  I cleaned out cupboards that aren’t any fun, like the cleaning cupboard, the medicine cupboard, and so forth.  It feels good, though, to be digging out in those little problem areas that bug you when you’re in too big a rush to stop and fix it.

The week was also full of  activities.  Parent/Teacher conferences at two different schools, practices, games, social commitments.  I’m so grateful that we’re making this all work.  Yesterday my awesome husband took over all the games for the day, taking the whole family with him to Tooele to give me several hours alone at home.  I did a deep cleaning on all the bathrooms and wow, did it feel good!

My parents came to town this weekend and we had a great day today.  My sister came down from Logan and we all went to my brother’s house in Spanish Fork to celebrate the blessing of his baby.   A really great night.  We’re still in the thick of it tonight, so I’m going to be brief here.  There’s much more I’d like to write, but it is enough to say that this week I felt joy, lots of it, for lots of reasons.  More than once tears of gratitude pricked at my eyes, tears of laughter were wiped from my cheeks, and smiles were abundant.  We turned the music up loud, danced and sang to our favorite songs, spent peaceful minutes quietly reading together in the same room.  We ate good food, shared conversations, prayed together, joked together.  In short, we were a family, and it was awesome!

Have a great week!

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