Right Now…

This morning I am savoring the memory of last night’s mini-concert by Mindy Gledhill, performed at a lovely little shop, Dear Lizzie.   I was at the back without the best view, but she sang my favorite song and I loved it!

I’m also remembering the general loveliness of the store (candy counter above) which puts me in the mood to wander around my house and see what I can do to bring more loveliness here.

Mindy also sang some Christmas songs from her album, Winter Moon.   I find myself already in the mood for Christmas even though we have sunny skies and warm temperatures for another day or two.  The arrival of Christmas merchandise in all the stores and the large stacks of catalogs in my mailbox every day probably contribute to this.  I really want to make things for Christmas!  Does anyone else get that itch at this time of year?

Right now I’m grateful for the warm temperatures we’re having;  I dread having to turn on the furnace!

Last night after the concert I sat in the parking lot in my car and talked with my mom, sisters and sisters-in-law about the book we just read for our little book group.   I’m enjoying the group so much.  It’s fun to see what everyone recommends and even more fun to just talk.

Along with the book group, I’ve been using our library for most of the books I want to read.  In the past I’ve purchased most of the books I read because I rarely find what I’m looking for at the library, but I’ve been lucky lately.  The wonderful thing about it is how much reading I’m doing thanks to due dates!  I do wish I could find good quilting books at my library; I have quite a wish list of those.

This morning the stomach ache I’ve had for days (due to the election) seems to have subsided.   It’s nice to feel more normal.

Today I have to pull together and purchase a bulk order of food for people in my neighborhood.  I know it will work out just fine but I feel stressed nonetheless.

My plan to get up an hour early and work on personal goals in the morning is going well.  I’m so happy with what I’ve accomplished!

Mostly, I’m glad I managed to run away for a bit (thanks to my awesome husband!) and see Mindy sing.  It was such a happy highlight.

I’m also wondering what happened to my three and four year old daughters that caused them to suddenly get so quiet upstairs.  Guess I’d better go check!

What are you doing right now?


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