Swooning for Christmas

I had this idea in the spring when I finished my swoon quilt , sketched it out, and then it sat.  It sat while my son broke his ankle and had surgery, while my husband blew out his knee and had surgery as well.  It sat through four months of crutches, through summer vacation, soccer seasons and the rest of life.  But I kept looking at it.

At last I started .  Now it is done.

A large scrappy Swoon quilt to snuggle under while we read Christmas stories!

There are 108 half square triangles and 492 squares of fabric in this quilt, all simply pulled from my stash.  The quilt measures 72 inches square, just a few inches smaller than the original Swoon quilt .

The backing is pieced and the quilting is simple.  I found that there was so much activity in the quilt with dozens of different fabrics that the quilting hardly showed up at all, so I kept it basic.

I went with a scrappy binding as well.  After I finished it, I had it laying flat on the floor so I could cut all the stray threads off.  As I worked my littlest girls marched and danced all over it, then sat down and started playing I spy with the fabric squares.  I love that this quilt will be large enough for several of us to snuggle under, and that it will supply lots of fun hunts for their favorite squares.

Many loved fabric prints are included in this quilt.  Some that I’ve saved for too long and others that are the last little piece I had. Some that I purchased this year (such as Aneela Hooey’s Cherry Christmas) and hope I never run out of.

The holidays are fast approaching!  I’m so happy to have this project completed with plenty of time to enjoy it.

In fact, we already are!  THIS is the best part of quilting.



  • Found you from your picture on flickr…I love this! Great idea!

  • I just adore your super scrappy swoon! I am such a Swoon-lover & have made several variations myself, but yours is just extra special!! What fun your family will have using it this season!! Congrats on a really lovely finish! Trust it’s ok to share on my AQT fb page….

  • I just saw this quilt on Pinterest. I’m so glad life simmered down enough so you could bring this quilt from a sketch to reality! I love it!!

  • Wow and wow. Amazing. Did you stay up all night to get this done? I love it. xo

  • I found your picture from Flickr and it’s beautiful! I made a swoon quilt for my mother last spring and I’ve finally pulled out the blocks for my swoon quilt last night (I cut them out last January!). Sometimes life just gets in the way, doesn’t it? 🙂

    I was reading your “about me” page and we have some interesting things in common! My name is Jennifer, I’ve been married for 12.5 years and I have 7 children, ages 11.5 to 15 months.

    It’s nice to “meet” you!

  • Found this on Pinterest! This is absolutely beautiful!!!

  • Debbie

    You have inspired me to get swooning again. What size did you cut your squares to begin with for this scrappy version? Love it.

  • Patti

    More than beautiful!! Would you consider sharing the pattern you drew out??

  • Rori Jensen

    Your Scrappy Swoon quilt is absolutely gorgeous! The picture of your girls under the quilt is so precious and wonderful. You will be enjoying this quilt for years to come. Congratulations on your beautiful work AND you got it done in time for Christmas…impressive!

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