In the sewing room, no.3

It just wasn’t a week for sewing, I guess.  Too many random things going on.  Here’s what I managed to do in a few stolen moments:

My scrappy trip blocks now number 12.  I’m planning on making 36, so I’m 1/3 there.


With my Choreography quilt top finished, it’s time to knock out the backing.  I have a few more pieces to finish and then I’ll lay it all out.


And finally, I found a few minutes to sew my strips together for the star points in this block.  Now I need to piece the block.  Y seams, here I come!


And, of course, my top priority right now is being prepared every week for the Scrappy Swoon Quilt Along , which I’m enjoying very much.  I’m so excited to see this entire quilt top come together!


And that’s all the progress I made this week.  I didn’t touch the sawtooth blocks and I’d really like to get moving on the Fireworks quilt that has one lonely block hanging in the closet.  I hope the next week is a little less eventful than the last. At the moment, all my furniture is piled in the kitchen and dining room so the carpets can be cleaned.  I confess that having some empty rooms and some impassable rooms has me feeling a bit agitated.  The fact that their machine broke and they won’t be back to finish the job until after all the children are home from school doesn’t help.   I’d love to have just a regular old day where things flow the way you plan for them to. A girl can dream, right?

Happy sewing!
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  • Good luck with sewing the Y seams, what you have so far is just beautiful! Would love to make one myself!

  • I am also doing the Scrappy trip along! its fun huh?!! need to decide how big I want mine?!!
    Your other blocks and sewing looks wonderful, although that scrappy swoon along looks hard to do so I skipped doing it, and also I haven’t even finished the main Swoon Quilt! 😉
    oh no on their machine breaking! hopefully they come back a lot sooner for you!

  • I love the scrappy swoon block. I am so excited to give it a try. Thank you so much for hosting the quilt along.

  • Your lone star looks so pretty! And I love your scrappy swoon star too! What can I say, I’m a sucker for stars 🙂

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