Scrappy Swoon-Along: Sections 7 & 8


Welcome back to the Scrappy Swoon Quilt Along!  Today’s post will knock out sections 7 and 8.  I can hardly believe how close we’re getting to a finished quilt top!  Let’s get started!

Section 7
Section 7 is another simple patchwork block.  You will need 36 – 3.5 inch squares in your secondary color.  These are the last of your secondary color squares!


Each block requires 9 – 3.5 inch squares.  Lay them out in a 3 x 3 nine patch pattern as below:


Sew them into three strips:


And once again, the strips into a 9.5 inch square block.


Make 4 of this block.


These blocks will fill in the corners of the secondary color sections, completing the points on the corners.


Now we’re done with your secondary color!  Next up is section 8 and the last of our primary color squares as well.

Section 8 Section 8 comprises the last of your half square triangles and the last of your primary color squares.  For this section you’ll need 12 – 3 7/8 inch squares of both your primary color AND your background color. You’ll also need 24 – 3.5 inch squares of both primary and background prints.


Pair up your 3 7/8 inch squares and make 24 half square triangles.


Each block will require 3 half square triangles, 3 – 3.5 inch sqaures of background fabrics and 3 – 3.5 inch sqaures of primary color squares.  Line them out in three rows of three with the half square triangles making a diagonal line throught the square.


Sew the squares into three strips.


Sew the strips together to make a 9.5 inch square.


Make 8 of these blocks.

(Remember the stacked paper method from section 4!)


These blocks will be placed along each side of the section 6 blocks.


OK.  There we go!  Finished with all the half square triangles (and we’ve made a lot of those!) and finished with your primary and secondary colors.  Next Monday we’ll wrap up the background fabric with blocks 9 & 10.  I’ve had so much fun watching all the color combinations and fabric choices popping up in the flikr group .  Keep them coming!  Can you believe you’re almost done?  Have a great week!


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