We’ve had company at our home since Monday, and she left today.  It was wonderful to have my husband’s Aunt here.  She helped the children with homework while I made dinner, and when the evening ended the kids were happy, homework was done AND the house was clean.  I concluded, as I drifted off to sleep last night, that I need two of me.  One to run the house and one to sit one-on-one with the children in the after school hours.  They are SO frenzied, and having another person here who was trying to nurture certainly made things pleasant.

That said, it’s always nice to make the transition back to normal life.  I feel like I’ve been off the normal life track for more than a week, with Valentine’s day, my little soccer tournament trip, President’s Day and out of town company.  I’m happy today to be in my own home with the chatter of two little girls to keep me company.  A few things I’m enjoying:

familyroom The house is clean, ready for the children to come home and blow it up again.


My bedroom, which is usually where I dump the things I don’t have time to deal with, has been a priority for me.   I’m breaking my bad habit and love walking past it during the day because it’s clean and pretty.

coolingpan I had a cooling pan of homemade granola bars on the counter at 10 a.m. this morning.  It’s always nice to have our after school snack taken care of!

crocodile I found this assignment crumpled in the girls room when I was cleaning.  It’s the work of my 3rd grader, and I laughed so hard as I read her description of crocodiles.  Especially the judgement that they are bad leaders because they will eat you.


We even read it at the dinner table after she consented (okay, I bribed her) and the whole family enjoyed her humor.  Do crocodiles really have pretty eyes?  I love her neat handwriting and have saved this assignment in a safe place.

With me out of town and then entertaining a guest, the laundry room has certainly suffered.


At least all those clothes are clean!  Guess what I’ll be doing tonight?

I have really loved the Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real posts at Like Mother, Like Daughter.
I love the way they focus on capturing the precious little things that bring us contentment and joy, so I’m linking up there today with a heart full of thanks for the good and simple things of everyday life.

Wishing you a content heart, Jennifer


  • Aww, you have *two* washers and dryers!!! I’m quite jealous, you know. I’ve wanted a 2nd set for years, but we just don’t have the amps coming into the house for them. And with #8 quickly on the way…. *sigh* We do have a walk-in cooler and walk-in freezer (for our catering business), so I guess that compromise will have to do. *wink*

  • I will not be jealous of your two washers and dryers!! awesome!!
    I really like your sense of color with your home decorating. The painted frames in the living room and the painted furniture throughout are so lovely. great punches of color. You can come decorate my house anytime!

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