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It’s been an interesting day.   As it draws to an end I’m alarmed by all that didn’t get done but grateful for what I was able to take care of.  As I reviewed the day I noticed that when I allowed myself to live in the moment I was happy and content, but when I let my mind run too far ahead of me I was stressed.  In fact, all of March has been like this.

I guess I need to work at being present in the moment instead of mentally racing ahead to the things I’m worried about!  To start myself off, here’s a little gathering of moments I loved because I paused to notice them.

orangetulips These tulips were an impulse purchase that I thoroughly enjoyed.  In fact, I bought myself a simple bundle of flowers a couple of times recently and having fresh flowers in the house has been good for my soul.


{Happy} Speaking of flowers, the warmer days and little tips of plants poking out of the ground have me feeling almost giddy.  I added a couple of colorful pillows to the porch bench this month and seeing it makes me happy.


Last week we had a little dance party courtesy of my parents who were in town.  They gave each of the children 15 glow sticks to make something awesome with and then we turned off the lights and turned up some music.  It was so much fun!  Seeing this picture made me laugh at the memory of my daughter dancing to Gangham Style in the dark (I probably spelled the name of that song wrong, but I’m too tired to research it.  Sorry).


Tomorrow I’m hosting a birthday party for our youngest son, who will be seven years old.  I’m ridiculously behind on pulling things together, and am fighting an ugly cold/headache so I’m just not feeling like myself.  This project is still sitting, untouched, on my sewing table.  Do you think I can make 8 stick horses before noon tomorrow?  I’ll do my best!


Tonight my focus is on taking a deep breath and enjoying the things I have to do.  When I do that, the day works out and I’m happier in the process.  Even with a cold.

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