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{Pretty} prettystamps It’s been a week when all kinds of “planned” things went wrong, but countless unexpected things brought joy.   The frustrating trip to the post office yielded this lovely set of new postage stamps which are so pretty I put them on my shelf to admire.  I love all the warm yellows and coral colors in the vintage flowers.

{Happy} daffodilbloom There are a few daffodils blooming in my yard.  It made me happy to send a bundle of them off as a little gift.

{Funny} Trocking My first grader came home from school and knelt down by the footrest in my office, which happens to rock.  It was so funny to watch him rock himself to sleep on it!


I came back a few minutes later and he had moved to the chair.  The next time I checked he was gone.  I found him in his bed, sound asleep.

{Real} colorcut My little girls are in the same mode every day:  color in the coloring books, then cut everything out and use them as paper dolls.  There is always a pile of paper scraps somewhere and today was no different.  They make me smile.  I love their imaginations and am so deeply grateful for these two no matter how many messes they scatter across the house.

It’s been a day of feeling thankful for simple things, especially in the natural world.  Clouds in the sky, the blue of the sky against white capped mountains, sunsets, new growth on bushes and tulips on their way up.  We live in such a beautiful world!I hope you’re enjoying it too.

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