15 Days of Happiness :: Enjoy the Flowers


In my flowerbeds I planted Ranonculus several years ago.  In my climate it’s supposed to be an annual, but apparently there’s a little micro-climate in my yard that they survive in.  I wondered when we had sub-zero temperatures for so long this winter if they would make it or not.  Imagine my happiness to see their leaves poking out of the ground a few weeks ago.

They’re small flowers, but are possibly my favorite flower ever.  They come and go quickly in my garden so I have to consciously stop when I notice them or they’ll fade by the time I remember to go back.

So many things in life are like this.  We think they’ll still be around for us to enjoy when we have time, but the world keeps spinning and many of life’s simple joys must be appreciated NOW.

I’m a big fan of enjoying the flowers in life.  Studies have shown repeatedly that fresh flowers boost our spirits and increase happiness.  So head out to the garden and enjoy yours.  Stop along the side of the road to look at some.  Pop into a flower shop and treat yourself to a bouquet, or if that’s too much, buy a single bloom and bring it home.   Maybe you could buy two and share one with a friend.  It doesn’t matter if you buy them yourself or if they’re given to you; they bring happiness just the same.

Study your flower.  Smell it.  Notice the layers of petals, the lines, the curve of the stem.  Notice how saturated with color they are.  Study them and remember that the God who created these masterpieces also created you.

I wish I had a field of flowers I could cut, bundle and send to everyone I know.

I think I need to head outside for another look!

Happy Living, Jennifer

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