15 Days of Happiness :: Do Something You Enjoy


This morning I woke up and knew I should hit the list, get going and make sure I was super-effective all day.

I got the children off to school, made a phone call, and then I couldn’t do it.

We live in a society that expects us to be constantly productive, and in all honesty I enjoy being productive, staying busy, etc.  But it’s true that if we don’t have any margin, if we’re scheduling every minute of every day, we’re going to burn out.  That’s the feeling I had this morning.  A week and a half left of school and I kind of don’t care because I’m burning out.  We can’t function on empty.  This morning I decided to take control of my schedule by making time to do something enjoyable.

I took my timer to my sewing table and made a quilt block.  Then I set it again and made another.  (You can see the blocks here.
)  I feel happier because I allowed myself to do something I enjoy.  It wasn’t urgent, it wasn’t related to a deadline or a school, and it wasn’t necessary.   But it did the trick.

Today I hope you’ll find even a few minutes to do something that is enjoyable to you, something that perhaps feels like an indulgence you can’t afford right now (I’m talking time, not money).  Decide how much time you are willing to give it and then let yourself relax and enjoy it.  Now I feel refreshed and ready to jump back in, which is a good thing because my afternoon is packed!

Good luck!
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  • Bonnie Ellsworth

    My indulgence this morning is reading you. Count me refreshed and on my way forward with a smile on my face…..

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