Modern Medallion Border 5


The Utah County Modern Quilt Group met last Saturday morning, and I stayed up ridiculously late Friday night, determined to finish another border in time to share it at the meeting.


In these photos the quilt top is hanging over a window, so the back lighting shows all the seams and makes the colors look more saturated than they otherwise would, but I think it looks kind of cool.

One of the leaders of the group did this border on her quilt and I really liked the mosaic feel it had.  My measurements are different than hers, but construction was the same.  To make mine, I needed 28 – 6.5 inch squares.  Each square is made up of a nine patch block, and the “squares” in each block are two rectangles.


To make my border, I cut 30 – 1.5 inch wide strips of fabric (averaging about 41 inches long).  I paired the strips, starched them carefully so they wouldn’t begin to curve, and sewed them together.  This gave me 15 strips of fabric that was now 2.5 inches wide.

I then cut each strip into 2.5 inch widths.  I then started laying the squares out in three strips of three blocks, with the blocks alternating in a horizontal and vertical orientation.  I pieced these together until I made 28 of them, then made two rows of 6 and two rows of 8 blocks.  They were then sewn to the quilt and it now measures 48.5 inches square.


Now I have decisions to make.  I want to keep adding borders to this quilt, but I also need to start deciding how large I’m going to let it be.  One thing is certain:  I am loving this project!


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