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One of my goals is to sort through all the photos, school papers and memorabilia that have come with 8 children and almost 17 years of marriage.   I was going through a stack of homework from my oldest son when he was 8 years old and, tucked in all the math assignments, I found these pictures.

I stood there, swept back in time to this photo shoot, done by my neighbor, and felt overwhelmed by how young and innocent they all look.  We only had six then, and they look so little!  In some ways it was so long ago, and in others it was yesterday.  Looking through these photographs softened my heart towards a couple of them who have been a real struggle lately, and generally made the day more precious.  I realized that in another 7 years I’ll be looking at this year’s pictures with the same longing.


I found another folder, full of old family photos.  My grandparents, who are now gone, my mother as an infant, all reminded me that life is always changing.  I’ll never get this stage back so I’d better enjoy it now.


Then came this photo, a gift from a good friend, of my oldest three children when #1 was just a few months older than #8 is now.   As I thumbed through these photographs, all of a sudden I didn’t care how many papers were sorted that day.  I remembered what really matters, and remembered how fun and sweet they all were as babies.

When I walked upstairs a few minutes later, I felt happier.   They are mine and I love them.  Today is a good day.  Right now is the time to smile at them, love them, enjoy them, and treasure the everyday that will someday fade into the past.  My unexpected walk down memory lane changed my heart.

I hope you’ll look through some old photos today.  Let yourself be reminded how many good things your life has been full of, and face what lies ahead of you with new gratitude and determination to enjoy it!

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