I’ve got several other things to finish before I can actually work on it so I’m collecting a few pieces to use in the backing for my medallion quilt.
Not sure exactly how things will come together, but it’s nice to have this pretty pile to look at as I come and go.  I’m especially excited about using some of Melody Miller’s arrow fabric in it, to echo my own arrows on the front.  My only rule is that it has to come from what I have on hand.

It’s going to be a busy next few weeks and I’m feeling overwhelmed today by all the work I need to complete in a short period of time and in addition to my usual efforts.  I’m reminding myself that doing something – anything – even if it’s not the perfect thing, is better than just worrying!

Off to do my best (and maybe add another piece of fabric to that stack if I can spare a minute).


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