Today I am racing around trying to get things done around the house.  I wrote on Sunday about how it feels for me to be out of the house more lately and I feel like if I run a little faster I might be able to fix it?

I was talking to a friend and she mentioned laundry.  It made me laugh, because at our house the first sign that we are out of balance is the laundry.    Not that it doesn’t get washed; I don’t have that option.  But the concept of laundry as a beautiful process that contributes to order and tidiness goes right out the window while the clothes land on the floor.


I’ve said before that 15 minutes can work wonders, and I got a lot of folding done in 15 minutes… just in time to walk out the door for 2.5 hours of carpool driving.  I have a feeling it took my 4 year old much less than 15 minutes to undo the neatly folded stacks of clothing I had waiting for several children to carry to their rooms and put away.  Sigh.

I’ve worked so hard on routines since school started, trying to help my children improve their habits, and many days I’ve felt good about what I’m accomplishing, but sometimes sights like this make me wonder who I was kidding.  The past few days are making me humble and sending me back to the drawing board (my knees).

Another tell-tale sign?  My kitchen counter… the end of it, where the papers stack up if I don’t deal with them right away.   That hot spot needs attention as well.

Do you have a spot that always goes first when life spins out of control?

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