Pixelated Heart Mini Quilt

Valentine’s day is just around the corner, and I’ve pulled out my Scrappy Pixelated Heart quilt to enjoy.


I had made a smaller version of this quilt block and decided to turn it into a mini quilt.  I’m pretty happy with how cute it is.


I decided to quilt it with the same falling heart quilting I used on my original quilt, and it’s even better tiny!  I like the vertical lines of the quilting because they break up the strong horizontal lines in the piecing, and the tiny hearts seem to match the cute little block.  It makes me smile!


For the backing I used a cheerful Jane Sassaman print that I’ve been saving.  Her work is really intriguing to me.


At the last minute I remembered some adorable little woven tags that my sister gave me a while ago.


I think they’re a scrapbooking product, but I decided to add one to the quilt when I was binding it.  I’m trying to #sewmystash this year, and use all the random cute stuff that I can because it’s more fun that way, right?


Instructions for the mini block:

The construction is exactly the same as the original block (find the full tutorial with lots of pictures here) , but re-sized for 2″ squares.  To make just one block, here’s what you need:


If you want to make more than one block, multiply these numbers by the number of blocks you need.  To lay them out, follow this image:


Sew together in horizontal strips and then sew the strips together to make a cute little heart block!  Again, if this confuses you at all, please see my original tutorial .


To make my mini quilt, I added a 2″ x 14″ strip of white fabric to the top of the block, and then cut two more strips 2″ x 15.5″ and added them to the sides so the heart is centered in the mini quilt. I then basted and quilted it.  So quick and cute!


The idea to reduce the block came when a friend of mine decided to invite several ladies to contribute quilt blocks for a mutual friend who has a baby on the way.  She wanted smaller blocks so I re-worked the measurements.  Please excuse the night-time photo, but isn’t the quilt adorable? I’m so glad she had the idea.


Happy Valentines Day!

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