Supergiant Hunters Star Quilt {A New Pattern}

After making my Giant Hunter’s Star quilt , it occurred to me that I could make the block even bigger.  What would it look like to have just one big hunter’s star for a quilt top?  I started it immediately and set a timer to see how long it would take.  Two hours later I had a Supergiant Hunters Star quilt top.

Just like the Giant Hunter’s Star , the Supergiant Hunter’s Star quilt requires only two cuts of fabric for the quilt top:  two yards of a focal print and two yards of coordinating fabric make a 68″ square quilt.  This pattern is perfect for those large, gorgeous prints that you can’t bear to cut up.

It’s also pretty great to start and finish a quilt top in less than two hours.  That part makes it great for gifts.

I quilted mine like I did my Flight Quilt years ago, in a spiral starting at the center of the quilt.  I don’t think I would do it again, though.  All that fabric cut on the bias in the center didn’t love having me move it around in circle after circle.  I created a bit of a ripple in the center of the quilt.  Oops.  I’ve since blocked the quilt and it’s a lot better, but be warned.  The spiral quilting looks cool on this quilt but it came at a cost!

The pattern for the Supergiant Hunter’s Star quilt is available in my Etsy shop .

The pattern is technically called the Giant Hunter’s Star because I combined the two patterns into one, giving you instructions for two quilts at the price of one!

Two yards each of two coordinating fabrics and you can make either quilt.

I love all the “twos” in this project:  two fabrics, two yards, two patterns, two hours…  I might need to make another!

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