Managing Scraps: Me Made Low Volume Fabric

Sewing creates scraps.  It’s the way life goes.  My scraps were getting out of hand recently so I sorted them into two categories:  colors and low volume.  I’m trying a new approach to managing scraps.

I put all my low volume scraps into on bin regardless of shape or size.  It sits on my sewing table and when I have 15 minutes I sew pieces together randomly to make “me made fabric.”  That’s a term used by Victoria Findlay Wolfe to describe scraps that are sewn together to make new and unique fabric that you will cut up again to use in a quilt.

I set several creative goals this year and one was to sew for 15 minutes every day.  Have you noticed that when you don’t sew for a while, it’s harder to start sewing again?  It happens to me, and I want to find ways to avoid that block.  Sewing a little bit every day seems like a good way to combat it.  If I don’t have time or energy to get my brain into another project, I can sit down and sew scraps together without a plan.

I start by pairing scraps similar in size to each other and sew a bunch of pairs together.  Then I press and add another piece, and then start sewing all my pieces together.

I don’t measure my “me made low volume fabric” when I sew it together, but most of them are about the size of a fat quarter when I finish.  I use scraps of all sizes for variety and interest.  And to save time.  I also add a few bright colors here and there just for fun.

These will be fun to cut up and use in a quilt someday.  I’m excited to keep making them until my low volume bin is empty, which might take a long time!

Or perhaps I’ll use them as background for a scrappy applique quilt.  I have so many leftover pieces from my Carolyn Friedlander projects that a scrappy applique project might be in my future.

What do you do with your scraps?  I have a good friend who throws all of them away so she doesn’t have to worry about them.  I like them too much for that!  This method of managing scraps has been fun for me.  I’m finding it to be relaxing, productive, and creative.  It keeps me sewing regularly, and that’s a very good thing!

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