Irish Chain Quilt Blocks

Anyone who knows me well won’t be at all surprised that I chose blue and white for a two-color Irish Chain quilt.  I joined a sew-along to make this, although I’ve worked on it in fits and starts, and never on schedule.  I might be behind, but I’ve got a beautiful stack of Irish Chain quilt blocks to share with you today!

There’s a funny story behind this quilt.  Last summer I walked into a beautiful shop and found the last of a bolt of lovely blue voile on clearance for $5/yard.  It’s my blue, my current favorite blue at least, like the blue background of my Lucky Lone Star quilt.  I bought the rest of it and smiled all the way home.  A day or two later I was visiting an online quilt shop in search for an older fabric.  As I looked through the clearance page, I noticed a solid white lawn fabric on sale for $2.99/yard.  I bought the rest of it and thought, “maybe I’ll make an Irish Chain summer quilt with the voile and the lawn”.  True story!

I’ve had the two fabric cuts sitting together ever since.  Then January rolled around and I noticed a sew along for a two color Irish Chain quilt by Amber at Gigi’s Thimble.  I had exactly enough fabric to make a queen sized quilt top.  This will become a summer quilt for my bed.  Voile and lawn can be a bit slippery to sew with, but I haven’t had any trouble with them.  They are lightweight and beautiful and I’m so excited to finish this quilt.

The alternate Irish chain quilt blocks aren’t quite finished, but they’re close.  Sewing them all together will be quick and simple.  I have found this project, and the organization of Amber’s sew-along to be very easy to follow and not hard to catch up on.  If you’ve wanted to make one, check it out, and you can start late like I did!


  • Imogene Clayton

    I signed up early for the two color Irish chain quilt. However mine is multicolored and I’m running behind as it is.
    I chose to use fabric I had gotten call the electric feather and I only had eight colors to work with so I’m in the process of making it now actually remaking part of it.

  • jennifer

    I bet yours will look really cool when you’re finished with it!

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