20 in 20 March Report

I just couldn’t do it.  I couldn’t write about quilting when the world is grappling with much more difficult things due to the pandemic.  Additionally, I donated my laptop to one of my kids to be used for homeschool (we have six students now learning online, plus my husband working online from home, so I’m mostly tech support now and rarely touch a computer myself anymore). So I hope you’ll forgive me for posting this monthly report for my 2020 goal more than a week late.  I guess I’m wrestling with how to carry on and in a new setting and with serious things things weighing on all of us.  In spite of this crisis, I have continued sewing.  So here, at last, is my 20 in 20 March Report.

My 20 in 20 goal is to sew for at least 20 minutes daily in 2020.  Honestly, March was a challenge.  With the heartbreaking news, sweeping changes around the world, and my own pressing fears/worries, my desire to sew fled.  Creativity dried up overnight, leaving in its place a knot of stress in my stomach.

Last month
I wrote about the benefits of accessibility, so I’ve forced myself to keep sewing.  It hasn’t really helped my emotional state, though.  Hand sewing or binding is the closest I’ve come to feeling calmed by my usually therapeutic hobby.

As you can see on the right in the photo above, I had one day in March when I didn’t sew a single stitch.  It was Wednesday March 18th, the day we started online schooling from home with our kids, and also the day we had an earthquake here in Utah.  In a way, I’m glad I have a brown block to mark that day.  It was definitely different!  So this makes three days in 2020 (other than Sundays when I don’t sew) that I have missed my goal.  I’ve had one per month thus far.  We will see how April goes!

One thing I’m brainstorming is a way to add an additional marker to a few days in this quilt.  I want to mark QuiltCon, and the day everything got cancelled, and the day of the earthquake.  I’m sure I’ll want to mark the day we all get to emerge from our homes, and other significant days in this terribly unique year.  If you have any ideas for me, please share them!

Finally, I will say that I still love sewing.  I’ve made masks for others and given away fabric for making masks and it feels good to have done that.  I love being able to sew for the sake of doing something “normal” in a world turned upside down.  I will press forward with my goal and see what creative things come from this time of sheltering in.  I’m grateful for my family, for a roof over my head, and food to eat, and the word of God, and prayer.  And beauty. Simple gifts that sustain me.

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