20 in 20: May-July Report

Well, the world has sure changed in the past several months, and my 20 in 20 project has evolved along with it.  When I posted my last report in April , finding time to sew was a struggle.  Who could have predicted all this?  With so much social unrest in the US at the end of May, I decided not to post my monthly report.  (And then I may have accidentally abandoned posting at all for a while!)  Gratefully, however, I’ve kept with my resolution to sew for at least 20 minutes every day in 2020 .

My 20 in 20 quilt is now more than half sewn, with rows for almost seven full months attached.  It’s colorful and happy and I’m SO GLAD I decided to make a quilt to track progress.

Sewing has continued to be a wrestle for me; either I can’t settle on what to sew when I have time, or inspiration strikes and I can’t get to my machine.  Family demands have shifted and I’m still adjusting.  Gratefully I can usually do some hand sewing, and frequently it’s an applique project that allows me to get 20 minutes in.

I settled on a solution for marking days.  Writing the event/memory in pencil, then stitching over it with two strands of black embroidery floss is working well.  The highs and lows are now marked for me to remember.  It’s becoming more of a journal, but it feels appropriate.

It’s been months since we’ve had a reliable schedule at our house.  So many things changing all the time leaves me with little time for sewing.  But as I suspected, 20 minutes does add up.  It also seems to be enough to keep me from dropping the habit entirely.  I’m excited to see how August goes, and what sort of schedule we come up with as school starts again.  It should be interesting!

Keep sewing!


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