20 in 20 August Report

Here we are, at the end of August, and suddenly I’m wondering where 2020 has gone.  How can this be?  School is back in session where I live, and all of a sudden I’m in my car again as the days whiz by.  Honestly, I was NOT ready for this.  I kind of liked having life slow down.  My 20 in 20 August report is a little different because of it.

Am I still sewing?  Yes.  Mostly in the car, which means hand sewing.  I love hand sewing, but most of the things I SHOULD be working on require a machine.  So I’m falling behind on deadlines as I stitch in my car in various parking lots.  I suppose that’s the way life goes, and I know everything will work out.

I haven’t sewn the half rectangle triangle blocks to add to my quilt.  They require a machine.  But I am keeping a record of my sewing in my planner so I can make the right colored blocks as soon as I have time.  Hopefully I’ll find time to embroider a few important dates on them like I’ve done for the last few months.  The first day of school definitely needs to be on there, don’t you think?

I’m reminding myself that the purpose of my 20 in 20 goal was simply to keep sewing.  To see, at the end of the year, how it adds up.  So I’ll keep stitching!  

The essence of my 20 in 20 August report is simply this:  I’m still doing it!  And that is enough.

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