Mini Seashell Banner

Last week I shared my finished seashell banner , and today I have another, smaller version.  This mini seashell banner was a gift for my mom.  She loves that stretch of beach as much, or more than, any of us.  I decided to see how a much smaller collection of shells might look on a tiny linen banner, and I like it.

I selected shells with more variety for hers, including some rich browns and dark blues.  The long skinny one at the top is my favorite.  I loved finding that shell with it’s tiny hole.  Yet my favorite part of this project was sharing pieces of the beach with my mom.  I’ve felt this compelling wish to somehow preserve all of it, the memories, the treasures, the feelings.  And then to share it with my extended family so we can’t forget.  I guess that’s one reason why my favorite word is “remember.”

Making this mini seashell banner also made me want to make one for each of my kids, but several of them have started their own collection of shells with holes.  Maybe I should give them a blank banner for their own arrangement?  I suppose it would be a great craft for kids to make!  Maybe I’ll plan an afternoon activity for making mini seashell banners.  I’ve also wondered what a teeny tiny version of this might look like.  Or perhaps I should think of an entirely new thing to do with my remaining shells with holes.

As I’ve mentioned before, I love the yummy combination of the shells and the linen.  The soft, cool fabric is a perfect backdrop for these little treasures.  It makes me think I should use more linen in my quilts, too.

Anyway, this cute little mini seashell banner has got me smiling.  Summer is flying by, and I’m determined to gather more treasures in the form of memories before it’s over.  I hope you’re doing the same!

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