A little project

Today a special little girl turned four.  My girls and I got an early start on her birthday gift.

She asked me for a crown on her birthday a few months ago so of course we had to make her one.

I made a similar one yesterday for our party as well.  These first attempts are fun and I hope to get better at it.

Practice, practice, practice!

HH P.S.  It’s only Monday night and already I feel like the week is running away from me!  Does anyone else feel that way?

Birthday Summary

I have to share a few shots from our birthday celebration a week ago.  It was so much fun to pause in our Christmas celebrations to celebrate our daughter’s life.  She had a wonderful day.

She surprised me and wore her crown all day long.  I’m glad she enjoyed it so much.

We enjoyed purple jello with our meal, in honor of one of her favorite colors.

She had looked forward to her birthday for so long that she could hardly believe it was real.

Every 45 minutes she asked me, “Mom, is it still my birfday?”  And I loved hugging her while I said, “Yes, it is.”

She loved opening her gifts.  Her big sister had wrapped up a gift 3 weeks early.  It was her own Fancy Nancy doll, which she lovingly gave to her little sister.  It’s so sweet to watch children do things like that for each other.

The funniest gift was a blue and turquoise feather boa from her great grandma Nina.

It went nicely with the ring her oldest sister handed down.

I know I may sound redundant but I can’t get over what a joy this little girl has been to us.  She is so precious.

She threw a tantrum at bedtime because it meant her birthday was ending.  Even then she was cute.

And we’re now done with birthdays for three wonderful months.  Relief!


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