Flag Day!

We made it home in time for Flag Day!   I’m behind on laundry and everything else but the sunshine,  gentle breeze, and June 14th on the calendar coaxed me outdoors to put up the flags.   I have loved the American flag all my life.   It seems my affection and respect for it deepens each year.   Yes,  today is a special day,  a holiday worth celebrating.

This year I added more flag holders on every post on our wrap around porch.

On days like today I sigh inwardly and think to myself,  “Yes, this is why we built a white house.”

Much as we need a major clean up day around here,  today has been more of an emotional regrouping day.   All I’ve wanted to do is sit and watch the flags flutter in the breeze.    The pressures of life can wait another day;  my heart needs to be still.

Flag Day is a great kickoff for a month of red,  white and blue.   We celebrate our nation’s history and heritage for at least a month at this house.

Assuming I can get my act together, it should be a patriotic summer.  Watch for more in coming days!

Until then, take a minute to watch a flag flying somewhere today and think of at least five reasons you have to be grateful for the American flag.  I promise it will lift your day.

Hopeful Homemaker