Letterpress: My First Try

I asked for (and received from my husband with great assistance from my sister) the letterpress kit that works with an Epic six die cut machine for Christmas.

Yay!  I’ve wanted to try this for SUCH a long time.  I know that the “real” way is to get a vintage press and so forth, but I don’t have money to sink into a hobby right now, so this seemed like a pretty simple way to still try and enjoy it.

I stayed up late the other night to experiment and here is my first Letterpress project:

This was a lot of fun to make.  More of a process than I anticipated (compared to rubber stamps, I suppose) but really cool.  Funny, I don’t even like purple, but this purple with the rich, dark navy blue looks so great to me!

Much as I’d like to play all day, for now it’s a late night project; I don’t want to see what would happen if my toddler had any clue there were tubes of paint somewhere in my office.

I’m excited to make more.  Really excited.  {And it’s nice to have things to be excited about, don’t you agree?}

Hopeful Homemaker