Spring Porch

rocking chair with red bench and spring sign

Inspired by the spring weather we’ve had this week, I took the little ones on a walk and when we got home I decided to give my front porch a little attention.  It started out simply, but somehow became a project that involved moving everything that was on the porch somewhere else, and bringing pieces from other porches to use in front.

My parents gave me this cabinet that they picked up at a community yard sale in Colorado.  The large drawer is made for storing bulbs.  I bought the “dirt” bin years ago because it made me laugh.  It still makes me laugh, and it’s a great place to keep dirt.

vintage cabinet with dirt bin and window frame

I grabbed my old “spring” sign from the basement, along with a white lantern to sit on my old red bench.  I love that bench.  I could use it in 10 different places at the same time.

red bench with "spring" sign

My old blue milk jug found a new location as well, along with a planter I hope to fill with flowers soon.

vintage blue milk jug and planter

The porch looks more open than it did.  More colorful, yet simpler at the same time.

distant view of porch

Zero cost.  A bit of time.  Entirely new look on my front porch.  I like it.

Front porch ready for spring

I’d love to add a rug.  What do you think?

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