Wishing Well Quilt {It’s home!}

I posted here
about the totally unexpected and wonderful surprise of having my quilt featured on the cover of Quilty Magazine in March.


That wonderful quilt made its way back home several weeks ago, and I finally took a few pictures of my own.  The Prosper Quilt Pattern (my original name for this quilt) is available here in my Etsy shop.


The circumstances surrounding it’s finish, rushing it off to the publisher within minutes of completion, and having it gone for several months all made me wonder if I’d still like it when I saw it again.  And then, one day, there was a big box on my doorstep and when I opened it up and spread the quilt out I loved it just as much – perhaps more than I remembered.

I love it when that happens.


I love this big block (it measures 23″ square).  It just makes me happy.  I also really love the way the blocks interact when set together, and the secondary designs that are created with the background fabric.

did a great job of quilting it for me.  I’d always wanted a quilt with baptist fan quilting and this seemed like the perfect opportunity.  The prints used are from Moonlit, Rashida Coleman-Hale’s first collection for Cotton + Steel plus several prints from their basics as well.


The backing is simple but I love the fabrics I used.  This quilt also has my first ever hanging sleeve on it – a requirement for submitting it to Quilty.  This alphabet print by Maude Asbury complimented the Cotton + Steel prints really well and I was happy to use it on the back.  The yellow matchsticks are one of my favorite prints from the Moonlit collection.  And the binding… the binding makes me happy.  I wish I had yards and yards of that print.


I treasure this quilt.  The inspiration for its design, the thoughts it inspired while making it, the story of its journey, will always be dear to me.  What a wonderful {likely} once in a lifetime experience!  I’m grateful for the experience on many levels.


My quilt is back home.  Happy day!  I made a couple of other variations of this pattern while I was waiting for it to be published.  I’ll share them soon!


Quilty Magazine COVER!!!


I shared this on Instagram early in March, but haven’t yet shared it here.  I had the opportunity last year to design a quilt and send it off to Quilty Magazine.  Imagine my total shock when I opened a nondescript manila envelope with my name on it and saw my quilt on the cover.  On the cover!

When I first saw it, I was speechless as I processed what I was looking at.  And then I held it up in the air and started jumping up and down and sort of screamed to my family what it was.  We were in the middle of finishing the dishes after our Sunday dinner and they all turned and stared at me, trying to figure out what on earth I was screaming for.  Then I started laughing and crying and my husband started filming and they all started laughing at me.  Trust me, not one of them had ever seen me behave like that before.  In fact, I don’t think I ever remember behaving like that before.  It was terribly funny.

But the fact is, even after looking at it for three weeks, I kind of can’t believe it.  My quilt.  Published.  It’s all so strange and yet such a happy gift.  They did a beautiful job of photographing it and the quilt arrived home this week.  I’m excited to take some pictures of my own and share more.


The quilt pattern is available here (called Prosper, my original name for it).  It’s a big block that’s dramatic and fun to make.  I still can’t believe my work ended up on the cover.  Shocked and honored and giddy and all sorts of emotions.  Crazy!