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Ribbon Napkin Rings


Are you like me?  Do you save bits of ribbon from this gift or that bag because it’s just too pretty to throw away?

I save ribbon, but sometimes wonder what to do with all these little pieces of beauty.

Today I decided to put some of them to use.  I made a bunch of napkin rings to use in anticipation of some out of town company we’re expecting for Easter.

basket of napkins

They’re simple to make.  I simply cut scraps of ribbon into four inch lengths:

pieces of ribbon

then folded each one in half (right sides together) and stitched the ends closed.

Then turn the circle right side out, roll up a napkin and you’re good to go!

ribbon napkin rings

I used a variety of brightly colored and pastel ribbons because I’m longing for spring.  Some of them are wired and some are not.  I found that both worked fine.  I made two of each and I like the way they all look together.

ribbon napkin rings 2

It’s a great way to dress up a simple paper napkin or add a touch of color to the table.   They’re the sort of thing you could take on a picnic or use them with cloth napkins for a more formal meal.  I think it would be fun to make a bunch for a baby or wedding shower.

Because I used scraps, the project cost me nothing.  It took about 60 seconds to make each one, and they’re the kind of thing you could store in a little ziploc bag.  Zero cost, minimal time, easy storage, pretty.  I like it when all those things combine in one project.

basket of ribbon napkin rings

I can’t wait to use them!  Hope you’ll try some, too.

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  1. These are so simple and pretty. I have a million yards of ribbon I could use for this project. Great idea!

  2. what a great inexpensive and colorful way to pretty up cloth napkins.

  3. I love it! I’m going to go right now and look at my ribbons and see what I can come up with. Thank you! You amaze me.

  4. These are great. I love all the bright colored ribbons mixed together on the white napkins! Such a great look.

  5. what a wonderful “genius” idea. I will be doing this later on today. Thanks.
    Have a wonderful day

  6. brilliant, love them!

  7. Oh I wish I had found this blog before Easter Sunday!!! Very cute (and simple) idea. Why can’t I think of these things! I’ll be back; your blog is very nice.

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