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Scrappy Swoon Quilt Along!


I am so excited to announce the Scrappy Swoon Quilt Along!  I first shared my quilt in November, and there has been enough interest in it that I’ve decided to host a quilt along so you can make one too.

My project was inspired by the talented Camille Roskelley of Thimble Blossoms whose Swoon pattern swept me (and so many of you) away with it’s beauty.    This large scrappy version of a single block was inspired by Camille and the hundreds of amazing Swoon projects on Flikr.  Making the scrappy Swoon is completely different than making the original Swoon pattern (which I recommend you try if you haven’t already), so Camille has graciously given me permission to offer this quilt along.

And so, who’s in?  Want to Swoon with me?  What better way to start the year?!

Start looking at your stash/scraps to choose three colors for this quilt:  a background color and two contrasting colors for the block.  You’ll need pieces at least 3.5 – 4 inches squares/strips, and lots of them!  Right now my fabric stacks have more than twenty prints per color in them.  For this quilt, the more the merrier!

I’ve decided to make mine using more whites (not necessarily “whites”, but definitely low-volume) for the background:

My primary color (the color of the center star) will be this collection of mostly dark pinks:

And my secondary color (the color of much of the outer ring around the star) will be navy and royal blues:

You don’t know how much I wish I could get my hands on a few pieces of the navy blue fabrics in Bonnie & Camille’s upcoming collection, Happy- Go-Lucky!  I so wish they were available now so I could scoop some up.

Ok, so raid your stash and start your piles.  I’ve started a Flikr group which you can join here.

Meet back here next Monday, January 7th, for more specific fabric requirements and a conversation about selecting prints for this super-scrappy project!  We’ll begin in earnest on Monday January 14th.
Spread the word, and see you soon!


** Click here for the next post in this quilt along

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  1. I’m working on a Swoon quilt now, and this would be really cool for the back!

  2. Katie, you’re right! That would be amazing.

  3. Wow! I have lots of scrappiness planned for January, but this may be too hard to pass up! I’m adding you to my reader so I can at least follow along, and maybe even join in . . .

  4. Thanks for notifying me! This looks like fun! Even though there’s A LOT of things going on right now, I don’t think I can pass this up!! Off to raid my scraps and stash! I am also in the middle of doing my Swoon quilt for our bed. Why not 2 at once, eh? :)

  5. Sweet! I can’t wait.

  6. Eeeek! I think I have to! It’s just too pretty to pass up.

  7. Woohoo! Let’s do this.

  8. I can’t wait to get started. I LOVE your quilt. I better go look through what I have… I agree that happy go lucky fabric would be perfect here.

  9. Im intrigued! I am in the throws of finishing piecing (at least) 2 queen sized new York beauty quilts, 1 bee, 2 quilt alongs… But this is pretty spectacular…. I may have to be in on this as well…

  10. I love this! I will have to be a late joiner though as I have too many projects going on right now.

  11. I love this! I’ve been wanting to di a swoon quilt & a quilt along (my first!) & I think this fits the bill perfectly! Off to raid my stash…

  12. I have a drawer of 2 1/2″ squares overflowing, so I am ready to join in with those. Mine will just be smaller. Lovely idea. I don’t see the code for your button so I can add it to my blog.

  13. I am starting late but will catch up quickly. Nana. Hrw

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