Red Doors

There are a lot of things I love about our yearly week at the beach.
Seeing my Grandpa would certainly top the list, along with taking pictures of my family playing.

IMG_5975 (Large)

IMG_5826 (Large)

IMG_5901 (Large)

IMG_5870 (Large)

IMG_5603 (Large)2

IMG_5965 (Large)

IMG_5610 (Large)2

IMG_5884 (Large)

IMG_5819 (Large)2

And it does my heart good to soak up  a lot of this.

IMG_5972 (Large)

I love to watch the ocean.  It is continually changing, and I find that I learn many things about life while I watch the waves and allow my heart to be still.

I also love to look at the beach houses.  Many of them seem to have such personalities.  I love it.

This year my fascination was with doors.

IMG_5938 (Large)2

Let me be more accurate.  I loved many doors, but what I REALLY loved were the RED doors.

IMG_5768 (Large)2

Wow.  Red with blue trim.  Love it.

IMG_5777 (Large)

This was taken from the car.  Not the best shot, but still a great door.

IMG_5774 (Large)

This might have been my favorite, but the traffic wouldn’t allow me to cross the street and get a shot without the car.  Bummer.  I love the double doors and the blue awning.

IMG_5983 (Large)2

This one might be my favorite, too.  Red door, white trim, blue house.  Can’t get much better than that!
I love the windows on it.

There’s just something about red front doors.   Especially at the beach.
I might have to paint my own front door red.

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