Beautiful Color

You may remember the project my daughter started earlier in the year.  It’s coming along much more slowly than we planned, but she is still working on it.  Her strips of fabric are currently strewn all over my sewing room.

Some of them have the white strip attached.  I love all the color!

Unfortunately, they’re also covering the project I’m supposed to be working on this week (not that there’s been time for it, but having it buried doesn’t help.)  So now that room looks like the rest of my life:  too much going on!

At least they’re all good things!  I’m so pleased with her progress.



I’m loving the colors on these hydrangea blooms right now.  The pale grayish blue at the edges, dark blue in the center and a hint of green.  These blooms have lasted since Easter!  What a feast of color they’ve been all these months.


Turquoise and Pink

I am head over heels for this gorgeous wedding.

I had my once in a lifetime wedding almost 15 years ago, but I’d love to create a luncheon with this wedding as inspiration.  Peonies, blue glass, turquoise ribbon.  It takes my breath away.

Head over to Style Me Pretty to see more.

And can someone please help me find a turquoise cake stand like that?  Wow.  Gorgeous.
What are you inspired by today?

Hopeful Homemaker

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