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This post is a little late in coming, not because it hasn’t been in my heart, but just because our house is so full of LIVING that I blink and suddenly I’m behind in the chronicling of it all.

Remember the haircut ?  My husband felt so bad.  He didn’t mean for it to be so short, and he certainly didn’t enjoy my post about it all.  But because he is so wonderful, and because he loves me, he spent time the next day enabling a feature on my blog that I’d shown him recently on another blog.  He did it without my knowing, and I appreciate it.

Well, I just wanted to redeem myself a little.

This is my husband, Mr. Wonderful, holding our 8th baby minutes after she was born.
IMG_6667 (Large)
He really is the better half of our marriage.  He’s more patient than I am, more inclined to be positive and optimistic.   He knows how to diffuse anger with humor.  He’s quick to drop what he’s doing and connect with the children.  He consciously plans ways to spend time with each of them.  He’s also way more fun at bedtime.   And while he’s not perfect, I’d say he’s certainly several strides ahead of me.   It’s a good thing he’s still got a few rough spots to polish, because otherwise there would be no reason for him to put up with me.  Mostly, though, he’s perfect for me.

Last week he came home to a noisy house, a cluttered kitchen, hungry kids and a wife who was just sitting and typing.  Granted, I was typing something important to both of us in preparation for Family Night.  But there was an awful lot that was being left undone in order for me to do this one thing!  Well, he packed up some volunteers and headed out to get pizza (unasked).

When they came home, there was a large bundle of fresh carnations included in the package.  He was a little embarrassed that he’d just given me carnations but he’d had the input of a certain seven year old who was very passionate about it.

And to tell you the truth, I was actually really excited about the carnations.   There were enough of them that I could play and experiment a little with my flower arranging skills (translation:  see if my hands could actually produce the kind of thing I could picture).  Mr. Wonderful’s mother really likes roses.  I just like flowers.  Flowers of all kinds, and especially flowers that are in season.

Well, we ate the pizza, had Family Night, put the kids to bed and then I got to work on the carnations.  (I’m sorry I didn’t take pictures.  I really just needed the experience of being creative.)  I started by separating them by color, and then went on a hunt for small containers to place them in.

I started with the bright red carnations and three little ceramic baskets that I picked up on clearance after Easter a few years ago.
IMG_7951 (Large)
Funny that it’s taken me so long to do with them what I pictured when I purchased them.
IMG_7937 (Large)2
Next I chose a silver sugar dish and the bright pink carnations.
IMG_7993 (Large)2
I like the juxtaposition of elegant silver and the lowly carnation.
IMG_7995 (Large)2
Another silver dish and the crimson flowers.
IMG_7991 (Large)2
And finally, the variegated flowers all together.  Initially I had them separated into two colors, but I liked the way they looked together.  Again, I chose a silver bowl.
IMG_7990 (Large)2
When I was done and the counter was once again clean, there I stood with 6 flower arrangements from one big bouquet!  Not only had he brought me flowers, he’d also brought me an opportunity to be creative, which happens to be the #1 way for me to unwind and feel good about life again.  The trickiest part of all was just choosing where to put them!

Every time I’ve looked at them for the past week, I’ve had to smile a little at life and at how grateful I am for him.  Thanks, sweetie.  I love you.



  • Hi Jennifer! Im so glad that you came by to see the cottage. Now I have just found a new friend. Did I read that right? 8 babes?…. oh you awesome Mommie! Im number 6 out of 7 and I think large familys are great! God Bless~

  • jennifer

    I’m honored you would visit my blog. I, too, grew up in a large family and loved it. Thanks for stopping by! I’d love to hear from you again.

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