Falling into Fall

I wandered outside the other day to appreciate the beauty of fall, and to hunt for a lost pair of shoes.  I’m so glad I took my camera, because I had no way of knowing that later that day the wind would sweep in and carry most of the leaves off the trees.  I love my neighbor’s tree.  My children spend much of their time in her yard.

IMG_8000 (Large)2

And the carpet of leaves!  What a sight!

IMG_8008 (Large)

IMG_8009 (Large)2

IMG_8044 (Large)

IMG_8001 (Large)

IMG_8006 (Large)

IMG_8013 (Large)

IMG_8010 (Large)

IMG_8014 (Large)

Ah, yes, the shoes!

IMG_8056 (Large)

IMG_8005 (Large)

IMG_8003 (Large)2

IMG_8015 (Large)

My heart sighs.  What a season!

Then the children came home from school, the wind picked up and the clouds moved in, and the fun began!

IMG_8107 (Large)

Rides in wheelbarrows…

IMG_8128 (Large)

IMG_8104 (Large)2

IMG_8133 (Large)

IMG_8117 (Large)

Leaf angels…

IMG_8091 (Large)2

IMG_8090 (Large)

really deep leaf angels…

IMG_8099 (Large)

Leaping into piles…

IMG_8065 (Large)

and hurling them to the wind.

IMG_8072 (Large)

As a mother, I ask this question:
How can I bear to call them in to do their homework?

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  • You take such good pictures!! I am horrible with the camera. We even bought a nice one thinking that would solve my problem- nope! And you have such a nack for decorating-I always love coming to your house to see what you are up to. see you tonight!

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