Inspired by: Blue & White (and pink)

What would life be like without color?  I must be craving spring, because I’ve been running for my camera all week long!

These are the things I’ve been drawn to:

blue and white hydrangeas

white chair with quilts

heart hands holding pink candles

blue and white french knots flower

blue frosted cupcake

pink gumball machine

white hydrangea

cupcake with candle

white hydrangea

pink candles

What colors have been calling your name lately?

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Have a great day!

Hopeful Homemaker

The BEST Valentine Idea EVER!

I saw this on Nannygoat and knew it was the solution to all my Valentine woes!  It took only minutes to pull together, and I feel like it’s the best Valentine I’ll ever send to school with my children:

photo valentine

Adorable!  It’s personalized, and best of all, I don’t have to sit there while they write their names over and over and over again!

This project was so simple.  I took a picture of my daughters holding one fist out, making sure that the focus was on their faces and not on their hands.  Then I simply added text and had the pictures printed.

photo valentine

After printing the photos, simply punch a hole at the top and bottom of the outstretched fist and insert a dum-dum into the holes.  Done!

paper valentine

So I ask all of you moms out there with children in elementary school:  Is this not the cutest, easiest, fastest valentine ever?  My poor kids… they may never get to take a different one to school from now on!  Hurry, make some!  You’ve got plenty of time.

Hopeful Homemaker

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