Yard Sale Finds

I’ve pretty much quit going to yard sales, not because I don’t love it but because I just don’t need to bring home more stuff.  This year I’m trying to simplify our way of life and fewer things in the house is part of the program.  But a few weeks ago my neighbor told me she was having a yard sale the next day and invited me down to her garage to get an early peek a the stuff her mom had brought over to sell. (Thanks Lindsay and Gloria!)

Soooo, I ended up bringing home a few new things.


I have a weakness for vintage children’s chairs and this pink one had me at hello.  I love the sweet details on it, from the holes to the handles to the scallop detail below the seat.  It’s also the perfect kind of vintage – still sturdy but distressed in all the right places.  And pink.  I really do like pink.  It’s the perfect size for my youngest who was turning four the next day so it came home and became one of her birthday gifts.


I’m happy with how much fun she’s having with it, and also with how it looks in her room at the foot of her bed.


The second item is this coral colored corner shelf which fits perfectly in the corner next to her closet.  I’m trying to help my little girls with clutter – they take everything to their room!   So far they’re loving the shelf and it hasn’t been overloaded with stuff.


There is still a lot for me to do in here since painting the walls gray.  When it’s clean, I love the simplicity of what we have in there and I especially love this bed, from a yard sale in Denver (thanks again, Dad!).


There you have it:  my two new finds.  I actually bought a couple of other things as well, which I have big plans for.
It’s Labor Day weekend, which is kind of the last big hurrah for yard sales.  Are you out finding something awesome?  I hope you have a relaxing few days!



Sadi Gulistan said, “If of thy mortal goods thou art bereft, & from thy slender store two loaves alone to thee are left, sell one, & with the dole buy hyacinths to feed thy soul.”

pink tulips 1

I will freely admit that the beauty of a hyacinth combined with its heady scent is wonderful.  Yet after years of quietly repeating that quote to myself, I must say I’ve found that many different flowers feed my soul.

tulips 2

This week it was tulips.  They were a $5 splurge at the grocery store.

pink tulips 3

I love the way tulips are both bold and delicate at the same time.  Strong but fragile.  Graceful yet dramatic.

pink tulips 4

They’re so tall and straight and pretty when they’re all closed up, but then they begin to open…

pink tulips 5

and the drama and beauty merely increase.

pink tulips 6

People are like that.  Most of the time what’s on the inside is even better than what’s outside.

I like the way these two ended up leaning on each other.

pink tulips 7

This week my tulips reminded me to have an open heart, to accept each day for what it offered, to find beauty in what I have.  Sometimes we need beauty as much as food to remain truly alive.  Flowers really are food for my soul.

pink tulips 8

Which flowers feed your soul?  Please share!

Have a beautiful weekend!
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Inspired by: Blue & White (and pink)

What would life be like without color?  I must be craving spring, because I’ve been running for my camera all week long!

These are the things I’ve been drawn to:

blue and white hydrangeas

white chair with quilts

heart hands holding pink candles

blue and white french knots flower

blue frosted cupcake

pink gumball machine

white hydrangea

cupcake with candle

white hydrangea

pink candles

What colors have been calling your name lately?

I’m linking this post to Melissa’s Inspired Room .  Check out what others are inspired by and add your own!
Have a great day!

Hopeful Homemaker

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