The BEST Valentine Idea EVER!

I saw this on Nannygoat and knew it was the solution to all my Valentine woes!  It took only minutes to pull together, and I feel like it’s the best Valentine I’ll ever send to school with my children:

photo valentine

Adorable!  It’s personalized, and best of all, I don’t have to sit there while they write their names over and over and over again!

This project was so simple.  I took a picture of my daughters holding one fist out, making sure that the focus was on their faces and not on their hands.  Then I simply added text and had the pictures printed.

photo valentine

After printing the photos, simply punch a hole at the top and bottom of the outstretched fist and insert a dum-dum into the holes.  Done!

paper valentine

So I ask all of you moms out there with children in elementary school:  Is this not the cutest, easiest, fastest valentine ever?  My poor kids… they may never get to take a different one to school from now on!  Hurry, make some!  You’ve got plenty of time.

Hopeful Homemaker


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